Authors: Margaret Wild 
Illustrators: Andrew Yeo 

Walker Books

Theme: Sci Fi/Supernatural 

Category: Picture Book 
Age Range: 8+

Reviewed by Rachel Mason. 

The excitement and glamour of being an immortal vampyre, is replaced with different emotions in this story.  A young man ,who was ‘turned’ as a boy- has had to accept his life has changed, but not for the better.  The haunting words, will chill you to your soul, as he describes his loneliness and fear for what he has become.

“Craving for the light, afraid of  the darkness”

…may be a metaphor  for the difference between good and evil. He sees himself as a monster, expected to hunt and kill.
I found this book to be a little bit to dark, to be read as a bedtime story, but definitely worth a look for a different perspective on things,and the magnificent illustrations aswell.

A unique story for a picture book, here is a sneak peek:

Download the Vampyre primary school classroom ideas

Vampyre-Classroom-Notes-Primary.pdf (Adobe PDF – 260Kb)

Download the Vampyre secondary school classroom ideas

Vampyre-Classroom-Notes-Secondary.pdf (Adobe PDF – 260Kb)

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