10 Bush Babies

Susan Hall & Naomi Zouwer


Published by;

National Library of Australia. 

ISNB; 9780642277329

Released November 2011

Market; Young readers.

RRP. $17.95. (paperback with flaps)

Reviewed by Angela Hall.


I do love an Aussie spin on a nursery rhyme and this little book has it all.  The gorgeous animals, the bush land back drop, counting and animal facts.  It has the same rhythm and format as classic 5 Little Ducks rhyme making it easy to read and predict. A great book to share at home, as a group in a child care session or for a solitary read.

I love the animal facts that are age appropriate and tucked away on the back of the flaps.

Ten bush babies went out one day

into the sun to

jump and play.

Mrs Roo rang


But only nine bush babies ran in.

A gorgeous addition to any little library.

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