Out of Bed, Fred!

Lucy Davey and Harriet Bailey

Scholastic NZ

ISBN: 978-1-86943-997-2

RRP: $15.99

Age Range: 5-9

Release: 28/08/2011

Reviewed by Angela Hall

This is a fabulously fun story about sibling rivalry, family life, the odd prank and getting ready for school.

Each morning the eight children get up when they hear the alarm go off at seven O’clock.  The seven boys like to sleep in til Mum is calling them to get organised, while the one girl Shirley with the golden curls always comes out clean, brushed, dressed, fed and ready for the day.  Eventually the boys decide their perfect little sister is all too perfect and wind the clock forward so the next morning it will go off at eight.  What follows is a very cheeky and cheerful too-ing and fro-ing of sibling jokes and trouble.

This book is written with a clever rhyme. It captures family life in a busy family well and I love the illustrations.  My favourite part is when Shirley tricks the boys into getting themselves organised and just how delighted their Mum is is captured perfectly in the words and pictures.

Out of bed, Fred!

In your clothes, Mose!

Brush your hair, Blair!

Wash your face, Mace!

Eat your food, Jude!

Clean your teeth, Keith!

Time to go, Joe!

Good Girl, Shirl

I love this book, a great family story.

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