Siren’s Storm

Author; Lisa Papademetriou

Publisher; Random House Australia




Young Adult

RRP; $18.95

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

Siren’s Storm has some great characters throughout and I especially liked Asia a non-human. The comprehensive details regarding the Siren creature I found to be very informative. The characters are fleshed out really well for a first book and some interesting information is placed strategically throughout. So hopefully there will be a follow on book. Set in the summer time I could almost taste the storm in the air, the writing flows beautifully as do the characters.

Imagine waking from a boating accident to find that your brother has disappeared presumed drowned and you can’t remember what happened. This is Will’s dilemma and along with his new neighbor and friend Gretchen they need to solve this mystery. Gretchen is a likeable character and reminds me of a ‘hippy child’ a free spirit flitting here and there. However Gretchen has her own troubles –sleepwalking and her habit is becoming worse. Each time she wakes she is nearer to water and with a mysterious drowning suspicions are cast. Is Asia involved even though Will really likes her but no one seems to know where she has come from. Is Gretchen in any danger? These are all questions that are answered however the author has left many unanswered. The relationship between the three characters grows strongly as one turns the pages. Siren’s Storm can stand on its own but it will be interesting to see if the author decides to do another. I would like another book on this eerie sinister story as it had me on the edge of my seat. Nail biting stuff! Recommended reading!

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