Sounds Spooky

Christopher Cheng and Sarah Davis

Random House

Published 1st September 2011

RRP: $19.95


ISBN: 9781864718799

Reviewed by Angela Hall

Whistling wind through the trees,

Squealing bats flying past,

Knocking noises on my window…

What’s that noise I can hear?

Are you curious?  Are you tempted to explore the old house?  I’m not scared.

This is a case of who is scaring who?  So well put together with words that will encourage you and pictures that will delight you.  This one went straight to my favourites list.  There is much more in this story then the delightful verses.  Yes, there is indeed a little ghost and she is the sweetest little thing you can imagine.  By delving a little deeper you can find out about the residents of the house and what happened to them.  Or you can keep it simple and explore it like a brave kid with a flash light wondering what will be around the next corner. We all love a little scare, a spooky story at a sleep over. Don’t you wish there was a spooky house down your street to explore?  Well even if you answered no, you will still enjoy this one from the safety of your home…What is that noise?

Christopher Cheng and Sarah Davis make a great team.  A classic in the making.  Gorgeously spooky.

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