The Lost Stories – Ranger’s Apprentice Series

Author, John Flanagan

Publisher; Random House Australia.

Release date; 3 October 2011.

ISBN; 9781864718188

Market; Independent readers.

RRP; $17.95


Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

The Lost Stories is 11th in the Ranger’s Apprentice series answer all the questions its young followers have been asking. This series is a huge hit among young boys as each adventure is full of mystery, action and suspense! This latest edition does not disappoint even if one has not read the rest. The Lost stories will bring one up to date and weaved intricately throughout is just a hint of intrigue. Questions will be answered, will Halt tell Will the truth about being an orphan?

Amid pirates and Halt injuring his leg the story progresses through the chapters with the Rangers dog not far behind, it is an exciting read. John Flanagan is a well-known author and over 4 million copies of the Ranger’s Apprentice have been sold worldwide! These fantasy novels are a hit with young boys and the first one ‘The Ruins of Gorden’ was released in 2004. So if you are looking for a great series for your child to read perhaps this is it! Start with the first or The Lost Stories where indeed you can find out about all the rest and what has been happening within these amazing stories. Recommended reading. Great gift also to start a young boy’s collection.

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