Lazy Daisy, Busy Lizzie

Mary Ellen Jordan & Andrew Weldon

Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781742374291
Australian Pub.: October 2011
RRP: $19.99
Subject: Picture books
Suitable for ages: 2-5

Reviewed by Angela Hall.

Brilliant!  Funny and fabulous.  This book is about a farm where none of the animals do what they should.  They all have their own unique personalities and do pretty much whatever they like.

This is my chicken, she’s called Lizzie.

She should lay eggs, but she’s too busy.

Instead she dances through the air,

in her purple underwear.


This book did not need to be read twice to be one of our favourites.  Having said that though, it was read 5 times in a row the first time I read it to Miss 3. Well done to Mary Ellen Jordan and Andrew Weldon who have captured what every picture book creator aims for.

Highly recommended.


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