Captain Blunderbolt

Author Carol Ann Martin
Illustrated by Loren Morris

Imprint: Omnibus Books
Publisher: Scholastic Australia 

RRP: $11.99

ISBN: 9781862918238
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1-Oct-2011

Reviewed by Angela Hall.

The Mates – Great Australian Yarns series is a collection of enjoyable light-hearted junior novels for those starting to venturing into “bigger then picture book” reading.  Each has a great Aussie feel and in this case a touch of history.

Back in the days of bush rangers life was a bit different.  Life was pretty tough and some folks took to being a bush ranger in order to survive.  Some became quite the hero though as they sometimes do.  Captain Blunderbolt however was a bit of a joke.  Captain Blunderbolt was not good at riding, or anything that a bush ranger should be good at for that matter.  But being a good natured sort most people like him. One day things threaten to got pear shaped when Constable Flake sets a trap.  Can Alberta and the other kids warn Captain Blunderbolt and stop his impending capture? And just why is he so familiar?

Captain Blunderbolt is a great easy read.  Bold and fun illustrations through out compliment and enhance the story by adding to the humour and fun.

A great book and a wonderful series for home and school.


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