Santa’s Aussie Mix-Up! – Plus CD

Author Colin Buchanan

Illustrator Simon Swingler

Scholastic Australia.

ISBN 9781 74283 007 0.

Ages: 4+

RRP: $19.99

Hard cover, Picture book + CD

Publication Date: 1/10/11

Reviewed by Angela Hall.


You all know the tune for our Australian Anthem, well this tune is the same.  Only you haven’t heard these lyrics before!

Written and sung by well known singer/songwriter Colin Buchanan and illustrated beautifully by Simon Swingler, this book is a Christmas must have.  Santa’s Aussie Mix-Up is a great story/song about what happens when Santa let’s a bunch of Australian animals help him out.  The results of which are funny, messy and colourfully, chaotic.

“Australians all. I need your help!”

Said Santa Clause one day,

“To get my Christmas stocking stuffing

Done by Christmas day!”


Stick this one in their stockings folks!



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