Where’s Santa?

Louis Shea

Scholastic Australia

Picture Book

Publication date: October 2011

Ages 5+ years

RRP:$ 15.99

Hard Cover

ISBN: 978 1 74169 765 0

Reviewed by Angela Hall.


Where’s Santa?

Seems like a simple enough questions, doesn’t it?

Not so in this look-and-find book!


If you are at all worried about becoming deaf from the school holiday chant of “I’m bored!” then this book can be considered a sanity investment.

A massive 890 things to find.  That should keep them busy til they are cross eyed.

Do you have what it takes to find Santa and save Christmas?

‘Tis the week before Christmas and all is not well’

The season’s in danger for reasons I’ll tell.

Young Elvy the elf, a mischievious lad,

Did something quite cheeky, not knowing it’s bad…

Oh what a predicament! Your help is needed, but hurry!

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