Pearlie in Paris with carry bag!

Wendy Harmer

illustrated by Gypsy Taylor

Random House

RRP : $14.95

ISBN: 9781741663808

Published: 03/10/2011

See also Pearlie and the SIlver Fern Fairy

Reviewed by Angela Hall

Paris the capital of romance and style!  It is here Pearlie discovers the world of fashion and the characters who live in it including Fairy Fifi who is preparing for a big fashion show.  Sad thing is her dresses are met by a very hungry snail who eats the delicious morsels! Can Pearlie save the day, and the snail who does not wish to become escargo?

The Pearlie series is fantastic for beginners venturing onto something a bit heavier than a picture book. Guaranteed to delight fairy fans and those who love beauty and magic.


Oh by the way, this also comes with a gorgeous carry bag which is perfect for library books!

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