by Gordon Korman

Scholastic Inc.

Mystery/Action & Adventure
ISBN: 9780545298391
Ages 8-up
224 pages

Reviewed by Kylie Calwell


Cahills vs Vespers bk 1

Dan and Amy Cahill thought, hoped, things could go back to normal now the hunt for the 39 clues is over. They’ve heard about an old rivalry with the Vespers though, so Amy prepares against the possibility that things aren’t really over. One day distress calls start coming in from all over the world as Cahills from all the family branches go missing. They have been kidnapped by the Vespers. Now Amy and Dan have only days to fulfill a strange quest or the hostages will be killed. No-one knows what the Vespers goal is, only that they have made it abundantly clear they are playing to win. It is going to take all of Amy and Dan’s skills to get to the bottom of what’s going on, the question is what will it cost them to do so?

The first of the Cahills vs Vespers series and in some ways it is as if you never left the clue hunt. In other ways it is quite different. The alliances between the different branches formed by the younger generation during the hunt are still newly formed and shaky, though the kidnappings have given them reason to hold on.

The pace is fast, the family tension still there despite the need to work together. It’s interesting watching the characters develop as the game around them has changed.

Amy and Dan prove they still work well together but the previous hunt has taken a toll on both of them. So much responsibility has been thrust on them so young and Korman has started to show how this may shake out. They are a little older and a lot harder than they were and this is obvious in some of the choices the young Cahills make. You know why they do these things and at the same time hope they don’t make decisions that mean they have no lives outside the family. The introduction of a boyfriend for Amy and a friend for Dan give the story depth. Korman has done a great job of setting things up for this series.

This book is easy and fun to read, and the action never really lets up. If this is any indication I think we can safely assume this series is going to be as awesome as the last.

Can’t wait for the next one.

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