A Year in the Life of Bindi

Random House

A year in the life of Australia’s favourite wildlife warrior.


RRP (9781864718386)

Published: 01/11/2011

Independent Readers

Reviewed by Angela Hall


Is there a Bindi fan in your house? There is in mine.  Could you imagine what it would be like to be the Jungle Girl herself? It is a bit beyond the comprehension of most of us but a girl can dream can’t she! To help you with your imaginings Random House has published A Year in the Life of Bindi.

This is a month by month of 2010 in Bindi’s steps.  Discover where she has been, what she has learned, her adventures, thoughts and facts.  Full of vibrant pictures and interesting stories and fun this book is a must for the masses of Bindi fans out there.

As a parent I think Bindi is a great role model who teaches conservation and respect for the environment and all animals great and small.  You have to love a girl who loves lizards and bugs.  Talk about breaking the mold! Educational and inspiring.  Yay for Bindi! Our little Aussie icon is growing  up and taking us all with her.  What a life! Check it out.


Bindi Irwin: Fast Facts

  • Born: 24/7/98
  • Favourite Animal: Echidna
  • Favourite Food: Mango
  • Enjoys: Camping, snorkelling, photography & dressing-up.


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