Dinosaur Rescue- Velocitchy-Raptor – Book #3

Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley.

Illustrations; Donovan Bixley

Scholastic NZ


Price : $9.99
Ages: 6-8, 9 +
Type: Paperbacks

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin.


Join Arg on his prehistoric adventures! Like any other boy caveman he must dodge scary dinosaurs trying to make him dinner, put up with a big sister trying to get him banished from their tribe and parents that don’t know anything!

Written with lots of humour and illustrated Velocitchy follows Arg escaping from a Quetealcoatlus nest to rescuing the baby velociraptor. Can he hide his new friend from his hungry family? Or will his new lumps and sneezing give them both away?

A terrific Stone Age story which is the third in the Dinosaur Rescue series. Readers will giggle, gasp and be disgusted all at the same time! Along the way learn some helpful facts such as which dinosaur poo makes which colour, or caveman names for dinosaurs


Boys aged 7-12 will no doubt enjoy Velocitchy-Raptor immensely.

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