Little Treasures – Peter Carnavas set x4

Peter Carnavas

New Frontier

ISBN: 9781921928154

Price: $29.95

4 – 8 yrs

Reviewed by Angela Hall.

This pack contains 4 of Peter Carnavas’ Little Treasures.

Sarah’s Heavy Heart – Love 
Jessica’s Box – Self worth 
The Important Things – Family 
Last Tree in the city – Environment 


Are you looking for something that is special. Something that will reach out and touch hearts and minds and become one of those things that really are treasured forever?  Little Treasures is the collection for you.


For a little dose of LOVE Sarah’s Heavy Heart has been carefully selected.  This book is about Sarah who caries with her the heavy burden of a very large heart. It can be hard work living in this way, that is until she meets a boy whose heart is so light it gets carried away.  Together everything changes.


Your dash of ENVIRONMENT is provided by The Last Tree in the City.  Edward has a special place where he feels free in the hustle and bustle of the big city.  That special place is the last tree in the city.  He can forget about all his troubles and enjoy his own company.  Then one day his tree is gone.  But Edward has hope.


Learn about special FAMILY values and relationships in the touching story called The Important Things.  Christopher’s Mum does everything, she has had to be both parents ever since his Dad faded from their lives.  It isn’t until his Mum starts to throw away some old “junk” that Christopher realises how much these old little things mean to him.


Jessica’s Box is the perfect book for SELF WORTH. It can be hard to make friends when you are first exploring social situations like school or preschool.  Jessica discovers that children are all different and she isn’t sure how to approach them to make friends.  She tries to get their interest by bringing something different in her box each day, until eventually she gives up and hides herself in her box.  Do you think quiet little Jessica will find a friend?  Maybe they find her.


This really is a collection of Little Treasures.  A great gift for any occasion by the amazing Peter Carnavas.  Recommended for children of all ages.


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