Pip and Posy – The Scary Monster

Axel Scheffler

The Nosy Crow / Allen & Unwin


Hard Cover

Years 1 – 4

ISBN: 9780857630315

I am delighted to receive this 3rd book in the Pip and Posy collection by Axel Scheffler.  If you have not yet caught on to the Pip and Posy craze you may still be able to recognise this authors name.  Axel is the creator of the popular Gruffalo book and movie.

In this colourful book Posy is busy enjoying her day, it is wet outside so she decides to do some baking.  Just as she is popping her cupcakes into the oven something taps on the window. It is a furry hand with claws! Then it knocks on the door and growls!  Poor Posy is scared.  Then the monster walks into her house… wait a minute.  She recognises those feet.

Rest assured the day ends with cupcakes and fun.

A great book for little ones.  I recommend the whole collections.  Beautifully presented.  Little person friendly size and weight with hard (puffy) cover.

Just gorgeous!

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