The Witch Hunter Chronicles #2, the Army of the Undead

Author; Stuart Daly

Publisher; Random House Australia.

Published; 1st November 2011.

ISBN; 978174250552

RRP; $17.95.

Market; Teenage Fiction.

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.




Jakob is the hero in this action packed story. He is a teenage member of Hexenjager which is an organization that hunts demons and witches. Not long after joining the organization he is in a cemetery (creepy stuff) and learns something the Witch hunters would never have suspected. What he has discovered is a hundred times worse than what they were used to hunting!


They are angels, fallen angels; imagine your worst night terror and you might be close! They are after the Tablet of Breaking and if they succeed the world will be no longer!


The Witch Hunter Chronicles the Army of the Dead is book two but one doesn’t need to read book one, this one is action packed and fast-moving and can stand on its own. Jacob and his two friends Armand and Francesca head for the Dead Sea fighting all sorts of monstrosities on the way.



From here it’s non-stop action as Jakob, his friend Armand, a French duelist, teenage girl Francesca, a tomb robber who collects relics for the Vatican and a crack team of the Church’s best fighters head for the Dead Sea via Greece, fighting zombies, death traps and monsters all the way.

It is a fun book with great characters and will appeal especially to boys; throughout humour balances the gore and the main characters have little eccentricities to make them more likeable. This is one action packed adventure! Although recommended for teenagers I would ire on the side of 14 years and up and like everything perhaps have a read yourself first.


In this adventure they have a certain time limit to succeed otherwise it would be like D –day with all hell literally breaking loose! A great read!




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