By: Brian Selznick



Price : $34.99
Ages: 9 +
Type: Hardcovers

Reviewed by Kylie Calwell.

With his mother gone ben longs to find and get to know the father he has never met. His mother never really talked about him.

Rose runs away to the cinema and keeps a scrap book of articles on the life of an actress.

Ben finds a clue to his heritage in his mother’s effects and runs away to the city to track down the man he believes is his father.

A new cutting for Rose’s scrap book sends her out on a journey of her own.

Wow! Wonderstruck truly is the perfect title for this book.

Don’t let it’s size daunt you. It may look like a brick or a good doorstop but it is rather something deserving of a pride of place on your bookshelf. This book is not a hard or particularly long read, however it will be one of the more fantastic book experiences you’ve ever had. I feel I can say that with some confidence.

The stories of Ben and Rose happen 50 years apart and I didn’t want to give too much away in the synopsis.

Ben is facing a huge transition without his mother and with big questions that no-one else seems to be able to answer. his story is told with text. Rose is a girl seemingly isolated from others and facing her own struggles, her story is told in pictures. The timelines weave back and forth and the stories mesh in a wonderful way until they finally come together.

The format may sound strange on paper but seriously do yourself a favour and pick a copy of this book up. The illustrations have so much detail and life, it really is like watching a silent movie.

Individually Ben and Rose’s stories are engaging woven together in such a unique way that together it is spellbinding.

Selznick has delivered a truly wonderful book that I know I will return to and I can’t wait until my girls are old enough for me to share it with them.

Yes I am aware I gush a little when I find something I really love but do yourself a favour pick this up and allow yourself to be Wonderstruck.

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