Flitterwig #3 – Scatterbungle

Edrei Cullen

Scholastic Australia 

Price : $17.99

Ages: 6-8, 9 +

ISBN: 9781741696424

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald

A scatterbung has invaded Ella’s school, causing all kinds of havoc as its gas destroys the powers of all magicals and flitterwigs in its path! Ella must work together with her friends to stop it, and find out who is responsible for its horrific release before it is all too late!


As she is now a Clearheart, Ella must conquer her fears, and show her friends that they too can achieve more than they ever imagined.


This story about Ella and her friends is the 3rd in the series. I have not read the first two, so I do admit to having a lot of trouble learning the quite large cast of characters names, and also the different kind of faeries, spells, and magical folk involved. This made the start of the journey a little difficult for me personally, but half way through it, I was completely entranced and wanting to find out more.


Edrei Cullen weaved a lovely tale of friendship and I think the story line, language and feel is perfect for those in the 8+ age range.

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