Princess and Fairy- Fairytale Parade

A Look and find book by Anna Pignataro.

Scholastic Australia

Retail Price: $19.99

Recommended for age 4-7

ISBN-13: 9781741697889

Format: Hardback

Reviewed by Rachel Mason.

It’s storybook week and princess and fairy, 2 little woodland bunnies, are really excited.
They’re getting dressed up in costumes ,listening to stories and borrowing books to read.
The bunnies get the surprise of their life when they open the pages of a book, and an invitation addressed to them,pops out from between the pages,  inviting them to take part in the fairytale parade.

This story is about two little bunnies with a fantastic imagination ,which takes them both into a magical world of fairytale and make-believe. Not only is the story cute and easy to read, but the illustrations are cheerful and well detailed. My children had a great time trying to find the hidden objects on the selected pages,and also felt a little bit special, when they got to pull out the little invitation from the envelope ,just like the characters in the story.

Great book for kids with a love of fairy tales  and adventure!

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