All These Things I’ve Done

Gabrielle Zevin

Publisher – Pan MacMillan Australia


RRP- $16.99

Date of Publication – 23 August 2011

Reviewer – Kerrin Bagshaw

The year is 2083 and chocolate and coffee are illegal and water is very hard to come by. After her father died when she was nine, Anya Balanchine took on the responsibility of looking after her older brother Leo, her younger sister Natty and her dying grandmother. Anya’s father was the notorious crime boss of one of the 5 organised crime families who produce and supply New York with coffee and chocolate. Much to anyone’s belief, Anya is trying to change the reputation she has been given by being a ‘good catholic girl’, but when more and more drama happens in her life, changing isn’t so easy.

When her routine lifestyle of school and caring for her family is turned up-side down after her ex-boyfriend is poisoned by the chocolate Anya gave him out of her family’s secret stash, she is named the number one suspect. But to make matters worse, she has growing feelings for the new District Attorney’s son- a difficult relationship considering their lives are on totally different sides of the law.

When the DA offers her a choice to either stay away from his son or watch as he tears her family apart, Anya has one of the most difficult decisions of her life.

All These Things I’ve Done was a great book to read as I enjoy stories set in the not-too-distant-future. It was a very believable and interested book and all the little details made a huge impact on the whole story such as the shortage of water and the illegalization of coffee and chocolate. Gabrielle Zevin has really captured the essence of what could potentially happen and how the world/New York would go about handling it.

I watched the video of the making of this book and it shows that she has taking things in our life and shed a new light onit, such as a mid-night curfew for anyone under the age of 18 and libraries becoming obsolete due to technology taking over.

All These Things I’ve Done is quite a captivating book and I enjoyed ever bit of it.

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