Karen Wallace

 Simon and Schuster

RRP: $16.99
ISBN: 9781416917168
Format: Paperback
Published: 4th August 2011

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald.


Well, I polished off this little beauty in 4 days whilst moving house, scrubbing walls, and curbing the adventures of a spirited 5 year old! To make the time, I had an extended bath soak, a sneak back into bed (shhhh), and forfeited my little bit of tele time with hubby just to get back to my book!

Emerald St. Johnhas managed to get herself into a bit of a pickle. After her father’s death, Emerald and her brother were sent to live with another couple and their horrid daughter Arabella, who goes out of her way to annoy Emerald whenever she can. Her brother leaves for life on the sea, leaving Emerald to fend for herself. The only good thing in her life was the love of her ‘aunt’ who was much nicer than Emeralds true mother, and her beloved Molly. (a most unusual pet)

Emeralds true mother was a mean, cold hearted women who had nothing to do with the children as they grew up.

So it comes as a surprise when her mother once more takes an interest in Emeralds life. She has Emerald betrothed to the ghastly Lord Suckly, a man she hates. (as did I!)

Things get more desperate when Emerald discovers that her ambitious and mean old mother’s plans involve a lot more than just a marriage. There is a plot to poison the queen…. Can Emerald save herself, and be rid of her mother. What secrets does she find along the way?

This book was so easy to read, kept me wondering, and was a delight to read.

Set in a historically accurate Elizabethan setting, I loved everything about this book! Except that it had to end. I would like to find out more about this characters life. Hint hint Karen Wallace!

Karen Wallace is the author of over 70 books for children, including the best seller Raspberries on the Yangtze. Well done Karen!

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