Hairy Nose, Itchy Butt

Elizabeth Frankel & Garry Duncan

Jane Curry Publishing 



Pub. Date:




Reviewed by Angela Hall

A friend of mine said to me recently “Ang, you have to check out this book!”
She pointed out that the Author was local to her home town and that the story was funny and has a great environmental theme.   She also told me the book was called Hairy Nose, Itchy Butt.  How could I resist?  Thank you Natty for telling me about your great find.

All of the above is true.  This book is fun to read, it has a repetitive verse which makes it easy for the children to join in loudly when read together.

With an:

Itchity, Scratchity, grumble and groan.

A shudder and shake, a snort and a moan.

A grunt and a huff, a spittery splutt.

He said:

“I really need to scratch my butt.”

The story revolves around this dear fellow pictured above (obviously a hairy nosed wombat) who wakes one evening and his favourite scratching things are gone.  What a dilemma with the poor thing unable to reach his itch.  The special things are disappearing due to various environmental issues such as logging, development and farming etc.  However much of this is portrayed in the pictures.  This allows for great conversations afterwards.

Will the poor fellow satisfy his itch?  And what happens when he gets back to where his home should be and it isn’t there at all?

I love this book.  A must for your collection and a gem for the classroom.

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