The Bedtime Band

Michelle Worthington

Sandra Temple

Wombat Books

ISBN: 978-1-921633-57-7

$19.95 hardcover

Reviewed by Angela Hall.

It is no secret that here at Bug in a Book HQ we really value the truly Australian book.  The Bedtime Band is another of these delights.

When you are resting safe in your bed what can you hear? There is a bedtime band near.  If you listen you might hear them jiving.

Possums drum on the old tin shed.

Kangaroos thump.

This lovely book has simple, child friendly text by Michelle Worthington and is magnificently illustrated with gorgeous Australian animals by Sandra Temple. My favourite page is the magpie and cockatoo double which is just beautiful.  Sandra brings this book to life.

So when you are going to bed a night and you are startled by a noisy bang or clang or scratch, know it is just the bedtime band playing their night-time song.

A lovely story for little ones going to bed.

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