Trust Me

Ford Street Publishing

Anthology edited by Paul Collins with an introduction by Isobelle Carmody.

ISBN: 978-1-876462-57-4

May 2008


11 years plus

412 Pages

Reviewed by Angela Hall

Trust Me!  You can, I’m not just saying that.  This anthology is a collection of 50 short stories from every genre and some in between.  This makes it a brilliant book to broaden your horizons, explore out-side your usual selections and perhaps even find some new favourite authors.  This collection of authors have been hand-picked to perfection for their field of expertise, and within these masterfully creative pages you will find the likes of Andy Griffiths, Shaun Tan, Gary Crew, Phillip Gwynne, Catherine Bateson, Steven Herrick, Allan Ballie, Sofie Laguana, Leigh Hobbs, Marc McBride, Mitch Vane, Michael Wagner, David Metzenthen, Hazel Edwards, David Miller, Justin D’ath and many, many more!

I had fully intended to tell you a couple of my favourite stories for this review.  But truth be told I couldn’t just pick a couple and they are so varied and wonderful in their differences it would be like comparing peaches and plumbs.

I thoroughly enjoyed Trust Me! From start to finish.  In theory this is a great bed time book due to its short stories, but I still found myself saying “Just one more story” and staying up far too late.

A great book for school and home.  Brilliant for the classroom as the multi-genre format is a great way to make comparisons for budding writers.

I stand by my opinion that only the best comes from Ford Street Publishing.

Highly recommended.

The sequel, Trust Me Too, featuring a novella set before Obernewtyn from Isobelle Carmody is coming soon! I can’t wait!

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