Brotherband The Outcasts

John Flanagan

Random House

ISBN; 9781741664492

RRP; $17.95

Released; November 2011

Genre; YA

Reviewed By Cassandra Griffin

Brotherband book  one follows the journey of Hal and his fellow outcasts through the Brotherband training that is Skandia’s lore for all 16 year old boys. Learning various skills such as seamanship, battle tactics and weapons. Only the toughest survive and become Viking warriors.

Hal Mikkelson and his unlikely brotherband must endure arduous challenges to take out the champion title. Readers will find this hard to put down or to tear themselves away from Hal’s world. Flanagan has created characters that come alive on the pages. Boys 10-16 will love this story which is a spin off from the Rangers Apprentice Series of a time long ago forgotten, but the warriors become legends! Great read!

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