Find Chaffy

Jamie Smart


ISBN- 978-1-407120-90-4

Publication Date- August 2011


Reviewed by Kerrin Bagshaw


What is a Chaffy I hear you ask? Well, Chaffy’s are white and round with a smiling face. They only have one and a half ears after a terrible lawnmower accident. They are also a bit stupid!


Unfortunately some Chaffy’s have gotten lost in these weird and wonderfully chaos filled worlds and it is up to you to find them.

Each world has its unique characters such as angry red robots, cute and cuddly pandas and scary ghosts but to make it a little bit more difficult, each world has a slightly different Chaffy.


I love books like these because it kick starts your brain and is a real challenge the further you get. Find Chaffy reminds me of the classic Where’s Wally books which I loved as a kid. I would have to obviously recommend this book to older children because even I had trouble with a few pages but I still had lots of fun.


All in all, a very colourful and fun book that be great for kids and possibly adults. Two thumbs up from me.

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