Little Mates – Messy Mia

Susannah McFarlane & Lachlan Creagh

Scholastic Australia

RRP: $4.99

ISBN: 978 1 74283 047 6

November 2011

A Bug in a Book review by Angela Hall.

The Little Mates series of books have a book for each letter of the alphabet.  Messy Mia of course is the book for the letter M and is filled to the brim with marvellous M words.

Messy Mia the Magpie has the most untidy nest of all the magpies.  Quite the shambles in fact. She seems unable to do anything without making a mess. Cooking is a disaster and don’t let her borrow your make up!

Then, one Monday morning in May,

there was a minor mishap. Mia was

mournful. She had mislaid her most

marvellous marble. She mooched

and moped amongst the magnolias.

Messy Mia and the series are great for those who are learning their letters and sounds or even those children who are looking to grow their vocabulary with lots of lovely new words.  Great for home and school.

I plan to collect the whole set. Get your tongue twisted today!

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