The Boy Who Ate Himself – An Unlikely Story

Colin Cardwell

Tony Lowe

Random House

$12.95 RRP

ISBN: 978 1 74275 2433

Published: 01/12/2011

Reviewed by Angela Hall

There is not better place to start this review than right here:

Now it’s generally considered consuming one’s self

Is not very good for the state of one’s health.

Yet firmly closing his bedroom door,

Harold Bartholomew sat down to gnaw.

Harold Bartholomew is not one to say ‘please pass the spinach?’ or ‘can we have broccoli for dinner tonight?’ No, Harold Bartholomew would much rather eat junk food, chips with tomato sauce and ice cream – never anything green.

This book is of course rather silly but lots of fun. Journey with Harold as he nibbles past elbows and knees and slowly eats himself. A fantastic book to read with its delicious rhymes by Colin Cardwell. Wonderfully illustrated by Tony Lowe whose comical picture enhance the flavour.

If you have a child with a bit of spunk and a bit of flair with a sense of humour to match this is a book for you. Also a bit of a giggle for those kids who don’t like the greens on their plate.

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