The Littlest Angel LILY goes skitter skating & The Littlest Angel LILY lands in Bubble Trouble

The Littlest Angel LILY goes skitter skating.

By Elizabeth Pulford

Illustrated by Aki Fukuoka

 Scholastic New Zealand

ISBN 9781775430247

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald


This little series is an absolute delight. It has simple story lines, a gorgeous little main character, sparkly pages and lovely illustrations.

In this book, Lily has to help her school win the snow sports trophy. What seems to be a daunting task, especially when she leaves her sack behind which has everything she will need in it to participate. How will she do it? What makes things worse is that her worst enemy, Wanda Westbrook is competing with her school too. Wanda always spells disaster and trouble for Lily. What will she do!





The Littlest Angel LILY lands in Bubble Trouble.

ISBN 9781775430520

This is another delightful tale of the gorgeous Lily, the littlest angel at Amelia’sAngelAcademy.  This time Lily gets sick, and right before the magnificent celebrations for Mother Angels birthday. She just has to be there for the party. But how on earth will it be possible when she is stuck in the sickroom covered in spottimonties? Will the Ferocious Angel Freya let her slip by? She is the very strict nurse that will be watching over her. It seems poor Lily is doomed to miss the party… or is she.

Scholastic has given us another treasure with this series. Perfect for little girls just learning to read by themselves.

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