Totally Twins – Model Mania

Aleesah Darlison

Serena Geddes

New Frontier Publishing

ISBN: 9781921042409

9 – 13 years

RRP: $14.95

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Reviewed by Angela Hall

Have you met the Pinchgut twins yet? Identical technically but are completely different in so many ways.  Persephone who is the writer of this diary is much more introverted than her sister Portia.  This is Persephone’s second diary her first was Musical Mayhem (see above).


It is very hard to be a supportive sister when she has completely lost her mind.  Portia is discovered by chance and suddenly decides it is her dream to be the next top model.  Adopting the attitude and even the language darling! Portia soon starts to drive everyone a bit crazy and some of her friends away.  Can Persephone get through this latest phase with her vision and nostrils still in tact from all the perfume and hairspray floating around?  Will her friends forgive Portia her blatant snobbery?  Should Persephone move to the Antarctic to get away from the insanity (how can she show her identical face after all)?  The big question though is will Portia completely lose her mind when she meets her favourite celebrity on a commercial shoot?  Model Mania spells trouble for the twins and you can without guilt read all about it in her diary.  In fact I recommend you do.  Another fabulous instalment of the not quite average and slightly dysfunctional family of Pinchgut’s.

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