Totally Twins – Tropical Trouble

Aleesah Darlison

Serena Geddes

New Frontier Publishing

ISBN: 9781921042690

9 – 13 years

RRP: $14.95

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Reviewed by Angela Hall

Do you have a sibling or even a best friend that seems to do everything better than you? For our favourite diary-ologist, Persephone her sister Portia is that person.

Going on an exciting tropical holiday to Fiji is one of the most exciting things imaginable… unless you are left looking after Dillon your seven-year old neighbour while your sister is busy …well, fitting in.  For Perse the perfect holiday does NOT involve sailing on vomit inducing waves, swimming with sharks or the horror of a dance-off! But all this pales somewhat with her struggle to make friends with the other kids at the holiday kids club who seem to magnetize to Portia.

Can Perse get through this without her luggage… (probably on its way to Madagascar by now) and with her dignity in tact? Doubtful. But there is always a bit of holiday magic in the air so you never know what could happen.  Get yourself this latest edition of Persephone Pinchgut’s diary and have yourself a little holiday fun.

A Bug in a Book favourite series.

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