Dinosaur Rescue – Diplo-Dizzydocus – Book #4

Author; Kylie Mewburn

Illustrations; Donovan Bixley

Publisher; Scholastic New Zealand.

Release 2011.

ISBN; 9781775430506

Market; children’s.

Reviewed by

Cassandra Griffin.

Once again we join Arg on his dinosaur mis-adventures. This intelligent child encounters a dizzy diplodocus herd with the terrifying and disgusting Grollogllgrox on his tail. Arg and Skeet must solve this problem fast before they become dinner!

For readers that have been following Arg and the Dinosaur Rescue ‘series’ book four, Diplo-Dizzydocus will not disappoint with witty illustrations by Bixley and laugh-out-loud text by Mewburn, children will be giggling as they become lost in this prehistoric world once again.

A delightful read for adults and children alike, one can only hope for more Dinosaur Rescue books in the future,

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