There’s a hole in my bucket – with CD

Sung by The Topp Twins

Pictures by Jenny Cooper

Scholastic New Zealand

ISBN 978 177 543 0469

Suitable (and fun) for all ages.

There’s a song in my head, it’s stuck there, and it’s stuck there,

I loved a song as a kid, and it’s stu…u….uuc…ck there still!!

There is a hole in the bucket!  How is the poor dear Henry going to fix it? Will he drive poor Liza crazy with his questions? Liza is running out of patience, and getting a little cranky with Henry’s questions. Do they find a solution to the problem? Dance through the pages and see if Henry can indeed fix the hole in the bucket.

(Jenny Coopers illustrations are hilarious and the axe wielding duck is absolutely my favorite in this fantastic little ditty. She draws dancing ducks and goats that are just delightful!)

The Topp Twins are a couple of yodeling, country singing gals who sing with a comic twist. They provide the vocal tunes on the cd which accompanies this book.

It all makes for a lot of fun.

There’s a hole in my bucket…. lalalalalala… lalalalalalala..lalalalalaa!!

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