Australian & World Records 2012

ISBN- 978-1-74169-903-6
Publisher- Scholastic Aus
Date of Publication- November 2011
Reviewer- Kerrin Bagshaw

Ever wonder what Australia’s worst natural disaster was? Or what is Australia’s most watched movie is? The answer to these questions and more are in the Australian and World Records 2012.

I love reading books about Australia’s achievements and this one is great, all of them in a book and more with the world records. All the content is suitable for children 8+ and they are fun facts for the whole family to enjoy.

The foil cover is quite eye-catching and stands out among the rest of the books. The layout of the inside is very easy to read and is split up into manageable sections such as; popular culture, sports, nature, money, technology etc.

I enjoyed every bit of this book so two thumbs up from me!

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