EJ12 Girl Hero- Christmas Countdown

Author- Susannah McFarlanne

ISBN- 978-1-92168-425-8


Publisher- Scholastic Aus/ Lemonfizz Media

Date of Publication- October 2011

Reviewer- Kerrin Bagshaw


Everyone loves Christmas, the presents, the food and time spent with family. All is going well for Emma until her SHINE agency boss gives her a mission the could take away her Christmas cheer.

It all starts when a new diamond display is set-up in her local mall and rumours are being spread that there could be a possible plan for her nemesis’ SHADOW agents to steal the Aurora Collection.

EJ12 must work hard and fast to try and track down those responsible and stop their evil plan. But with a new partner and her grandma in hospital, will EJ be able to focus on her mission?


I wasn’t surprised when I read this book and loved every bit of it. Christmas Countdown is full of all the action that we have come to love and still shows that girls can kick some serious butt!

I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a charm that can turn you into a giant snow-man? Or a Christmas bauble that is also a spy-cam?

Even though Christmas Countdown is a novel, it is very easy to read and has fun little riddles spread across the book.


All-in-all a great book and would be a great Christmas gift. I highly recommend this book.

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