Mr. Darcy

Alex Field & Peter Carnavas

New Frontier Publishing

ISBN: 9781921042836

4 – 8yrs

Hard Cover

Reviewed by Angela Hall.


Dear Mr. Darcy he is a bit of an aristocrat, just a touch too posh and maybe a little too pompous. He has impeccable manners and does his best to maintain his composure. He lives in Pemberly Park which is lovely with its glistening lake. Lizzy has invited Mr. Darcy to tea in the small ordinary park where she lives. He doesn’t much care for that park, yet his attitude makes him a very lonely duck. Mr. Darcy tries very hard to avoid Lizzie as she always asks if he will be coming for tea. One day however Mr.Darcy suffers from an unfortunate accident in which he is unable to find his way out of a rather large puddle of mud. Too proud to ask for, or accept offers of help, he just sits there and gets cold. With his friends help will Mr. Darcy see the error of his ways?

This is a delightful story about friends and what is really important. Another quality book from New Frontier. For the very young and young at heart.

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