The Spirit of the Moon

John Boman

ISBN: 9781463505486

9 + years

Reviewed by Angela Hall

Welcome to Sovereign Creek – The Weirdest Town in the World.

Sometimes it takes a kid to notice oddities. Adults just brush them aside as coincidences or flights of fancy and what not. But not Maximus Walker oh no, he is a detective of the weird and keeps notes in his journal about all these “goings on”. Little does Max know that his curiosity will send him into an amazing adventure beyond his imaginings. Max finds himself propelled into a journey of magic and evil, both wondrous and spooky, to save the spirit of the moon.

Can Max over come the evil doing Greenant family with the help of the odd but delightful Mr. and Mrs. Wellington, a  ghostly figure and a magic sword?

Well I certainly hope so because I am eager to read the next scary sovereign creek story John Boman sets free from his imaginings.

A well composed, easy to read, hard to put down novel for the 9 + age group and those of you who, like me, love a good scary and magical read with strong characters and plenty of intrigue.

A recommended read.

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