Run For The Hills Geronimo

By: Geronimo Stilton

Scholastic Inc

ISBN: 9780545331326

October 2011

5 – 9 years

Reviewed by Kylie Calwell

Geronimo wants a holiday, in fact he has booked himself in for a nice relaxing, perhaps even boring, vacation. His family and friends can’t let that happen though and they change his booking. Instead his relaxing break turns into a crazy treasure hunt out in the wilds of South Dakota. Geronimo reluctantly ends up riding in a motorcycle side car, taking a hot air balloon ride – hanging out of the basket by a rope, and going for a rough journey through some jeweled caves. Will they ever find the treasure? Will Geronimo survive his family and the holiday?

The newest adventure installment for the ever popular Geronimo Stilton series. This is an adventure, like so many he gets caught up on, that happens at a breakneck pace and it is loads of fun. Interspersed between the silliness and chaos are snippets of facts about South Dakota and some of it’s landmarks. This time around I really felt for Geronimo who just wanted some quiet time alone, however that could just be that I long for a relaxing vacation. Besides we all know that wouldn’t make for a very good story and the kids will love the ridiculous situations Geronimo finds himself in. Why mess with a formula that really works. Still a great series for younger readers.

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