The Littlest Angel Lily has a Secret & The Littlest Angel Lily gets her Wings.

The Littlest Angel LILY has a secret.

Author: Elizabeth Pulford

Illustrator: Aki Fukuoka

Scholastic NZ

ISBN: 9781775430230

Format: Paperback

Published: 1st January 2012

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald.

What do you do when you know the rules, but also believe that sometimes some rules need to be broken? That is Lily’s dilemma when she finds a little kitten in pain. There was a rule at Amelia’s Angel Academy that: NO ANIMALS WERE ALLOWED! (Only Frumplepuss) But Lily just has to save the tiny kitten. Will she get caught? Will she be expelled and sent back to Bossy Boots Boarding House? And how was she going to earn her silver slippers, look after a kitten, and keep anyone from finding out? Poor Lily has one thing go wrong after another.

This is another wonderful and sparkly story that little girls will adore. The simple stories and magical adventures are a must for any household with a little angel of their own. Perfect for those who are becoming confident in their reading, or to be read aloud by a parent. Everyone will love Lily… the littlest Angel.

The Littlest Angel Lily gets her wings.

ISBN: 9781775430223

Format: Paperback

Published: 1st January 2012

Today is the day! Lily is trying out for a place at the Angel Academy. She must proceed through a series of tests to receive her wings, or else she will be sent back to Bossy Boots Boarding House, and that would be just horrid!

It seems that someone doesn’t want her to pass the test though. She wakes on the day of the exams to find her wings missing. She needs them for the first test. The day gets worse as lily lands herself in more and more trouble. For a little angel, she sure seems to find her self in BIG trouble. It seems for certain she is doomed to failure.

The Littlest Angel is a simply irresistible  Little series for any Little Angel. You can’t go past the deliciously easy to read tales and adventures of Lily. Simply divine.

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