Tom Gates, excellent Excuses.

Author; L.Pichon

Publisher; Scholastic Australia, Jan 2011.

RRP; $15.99

ISBN; 978.1407 12440 7

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

Another brilliant edition of ‘Tom Gates’ by L. Pichon titled ‘Excellent Excuses.’ Funny, witty and oh so boyish not that girls can’t read it but I think boys relate to it better. I love the illustrations throughout, big and bold and the very first page gets one in the mood for the antics that follow. ‘You get three gold stars for reading this book.’ The chapter on NO SCHOOL is great reading, it tells how Tom’s holidays are going and he is definitely not missing school! He has a sleepover at Derek’s; he scribbles and draws, and is just full of good clean mischief! I love that Granddad and Grandma are sprinkled throughout the stories and the way the dialogue is set out, simply. This way children don’t get bored along with looking at the illustrations it’s a fun way to read this quite thick book.

An excellent read for children and adults alike and I would say eight year olds and older would appreciate this latest edition of Tom Gates.

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