The Dragon and the lizard.

Author; Kristyn Maslog-Lewis

Publisher, Author NSW Australia 2011

ISBN 9781466377196


James Renan Dalman

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin. BA-UNE.

What a delightful story about a Princess and a young farmer Marcus. A terrible, terrible dragon keeps attacking the town and the town’s people with his size and breath of fire; they don’t know what to do about it.  The King also didn’t know what to do but Marcus who loved the Princess decided to develop a plan to catch the dragon. However when he caught the dragon after discovering its secret, it got away in front of the King and the King gave him one more chance at capturing the dragon. Needless to say he did but I won’t tell you how and the King was so pleased he that he declared Marcus the bravest man in the kingdom and he could marry his daughter.

The illustrations are colourful and any child would love this story with the lizard and the Dragon can you guess why they are both in the story? I’d say children from 5 years of age up would love The Dragon and the Lizard. A Great Book1

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