R.J. Palacio


ISBN: 9780370332291



8+ Years.

Reviewer: Angela Hall.

If you asked me what my absolute favourite book for children 8 years and over would be THIS is it!  Wonder is heart warming, real, touching, funny, sweet and an absolute must read for all children. Why? Because it opens your eyes and makes you see and feel just what it is like to be someone else.

Wonder follows Auggie (August) who is starting school for the first time. He had been home schooled but now he has got to the stage where his mother feels she is no longer the best option for his education. What makes this particularly a big deal is that Auggie suffers from a condition which has left his face terribly deformed. An ordinary boy underneath it all but how can he possibly fit in? School can be hard and children can be cruel when you are different.

Auggie is a boy you will love and if by the end of this story you do not feel better about those around you who break the mould I’d say you didn’t read the book.

This book doesn’t just show you the world through Auggie’s eyes, it also shows you the world through those who are around him and affected by his presence in their lives. It is particularly interesting to see the world from his older sisters point of view who often feels like the forgotten child simply because she does not require the attention that Auggie does. She loves him dearly and because she sometimes wished he were a normal little brother she feels guilty about it as well.  We also see inside the mind of “the bully” and find out what makes him tick and why he has the attitude that he does.

Auggie’s world is like peeping out from behind a shadow. Some people react with fear or disgust, others try to hide their shock. Auggie sees it all. How would you react?


“I don’t want to go,” I said.

“How about this? Can you at least meet Mr. Tushman before making up your mind?” Mom asked.

“Mr. Tushman?” I said.

“He’s the principal, ” answered Mom.

“Mr. TUSHman?” I repeated.

“I know, right?” Dad answered, smiling and looking at me in the rearview mirror. “Can you believe that name, Auggie? I mean, who on earth would ever agree to have a name like Mr. Tushman?”

I smiled even though I didn’t want to let them see me smile.  Dad was the one person in the world who could make me laugh no matter how much I didn’t want to laugh. Dad always made everyone laugh.


This book is written with such simple beauty and …well, yes, wonder! It is so easy to feel the feelings and know the characters. Wonder is simply wonderful!  This book (and I read many) has taken me by the heart strings. I can’t recommend it enough. Teachers this is a classroom must!



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