Walking With Shadows

Julieanne Lynch

Published By Strict Publishing International 

Another deliciously sordid tale from the pen of Julieanne Lynch.

If you have been following the trilogy (Walking with the Shadows is book two) you will be familiar with Giselle’s plight. If you are yet to read the first instalment (In the Shadows) I shall do my best not to spoil the story line. However I suggest you read the review for the first book in this instance just in case. Walking with the Shadows takes Giselle further into her new world, and fight as she will she must learn her way. When she feels her life has been taken from her and her destiny is all planned out she discovers a gift which – in a matter of speaking – can light her way.  As Giselle learns to walk with the shadows some good things turn bad and some bad things are not as they seem.  But never turn your back because evil will stop at nothing and this book is not for the feint hearted.  Tread lightly and you will see not all is dark in the underworld and beauty abounds.

Now if this review is a little too cryptic for you I apologise but I will not spoil the first one for those of you who read this before reading the first book.  Having said that, if you are a little bit naughty this could well be right up your alley.

Sink your fangs into this juicy book two, it should help sustain you while you await book three which promises to be quite the thrilling end.


Find In the Shadows here.

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