Animal Rescue Elephant Alert

Author; Jackie French

Publisher; Scholastic Press.

Publication’ Feb 2012.

ISBN  9781741698480

Age Group 7+


RRP. $5 special Offer.

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin

Mozz and Leo are off on another adventure soaring through the skies on a jet to Elephant Island where the animals are in danger because a giant wave is coming and they need to save the wild life. But can Mozz convince Leo to help her, Leo can talk to the animals and she really needs his help before time runs out. I love the way Jackie French has yet again started this book with Leo and his guinea pig and a robot gorilla holding up pieces of paper with messages on them from Mozz! Leo really isn’t interested in friends and didn’t know why Mozz wanted to see him!

The gorilla held up another sign telling him to hurry but he refused until the gorilla told him who he was. He was not a robot! Not with those brown eyes! Leo continued talking to the gorilla who told him the elephants needed help and that’s why he had to go to Mozz.

In this book Leo actually gets to meet Gran and go to the underground chamber where all sorts of cool equipment is held. It is also a laboratory and a place where animals stayed who couldn’t go back to live in the wild.

An earthquake off Sumatra had created a wave that was heading for the elephants and anything else in its path, Gran explained to Leo that the elephants had ignored the tsunami signal and were all still on the beach. There life’s were in danger! Elephant Rescue is full of interesting facts about elephants along with a wild adventure many children will love. Time is ticking away as the wave approaches. Can Leo actually talk elephant? Will they listen? Will they be too late?

The terrifying water crashes around Leo as the first wave hits the shore. Will he survive and get to safety before the second wave? All these questions will be answered and more in this heart stopping adventure to save the elephants.

I found this particular Animal Rescue inspiring it really is a heart stopper and I am sure children will be delighted as their pulse races when Leo is trying to out run the wave. I love the fact that these books whilst fun have an element of education blended throughout. This would be my favourite so far an exceptional book!

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