Animal Rescue- Gorilla Grab.

Author Jackie French.

Illustrator, Terry Whidborne.

Scholastic Australia

ISBN 9781741698697


Suitable for 7+

RRP $9.99

Released Feb 2012.

Reviewed by Vicki Griffin.

For anyone following Jackie French’s ‘Animal Rescue series this book won’t disappoint. Just being transported to another country where gorillas roam and poachers lurk is wonderful through the eyes of a child not to mention educational also. The opening shows Leo pulling funny faces at his guinea pig until his mother spots him. She doesn’t know he can talk to animals and she tells him to stop pulling funny faces as the wind will change and he will stay that way! I think every mother has said that at one time or another. However Mozz’s   gran Dr. Drizzsock has created weird and wonderful inventions which have made her enough money to rescue wild life all over the world but in secret. This time Leo and Mozz  that he does not want to fly around the world with are off to rescue a sick gorilla and stop the poachers from getting to them.

The chapter ‘Save the baby’ warmed my heart I could visualize this tiny sick gorilla gasping for breath, tiny little wisps of air escaping from his mouth. Among other medical intervention that wasn’t working Leo started to put little tastes of raspberry cordial in the baby’s mouth until the tiny gorilla had about two cups and then….He opened his brown eyes and Leo was wrapping his arms around the tiny terrified baby. All he wanted was to get the baby back Mozz’s  gran so  could fix him. This is a great adventure for children set in the jungle amongst wildlife and poachers. Black and white illustrations don’t dominate the text; they enhance it in the way they are placed strategically throughout the story.

This Series would be a welcome addition to any child’s library and it is simple to read and comprehend. A useful resource in teaching children about wild life. It is very similar in style to Bindi Irwin’s animal adventures also, although this particular story seems to be more for the boys. A great read! It sells for $9.99 which is refreshing as it is a nice feeling book with a glossy cover and over 100 pages of text. Great value for money!

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