My Australian Story- Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Author; Vashit  Farrer

Publisher; Scholastic books

ISBN 9781741699531

Released; Feb 2012

RRP $16.99

Genre; junior fiction +

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin

It is 1932 and the Sydney harbor Bridge is being built in all its glory. We are presented with a unique view of this and of the Depression through the eyes of children.

Alice and Billy are both keeping diaries of the construction of the bridge. Through their portrayals of this great historical event readers will also gain an insight into living in Sydney during the depression. Both characters touch on poverty, politics seeing friends lose their homes and move to tent city and the general hardworking Australians. While it is clear Alice and Billy are on opposite sides of the bridge and the Depression, these two children have a lot in common.

‘MAS Sydney Harbour Bridge’ is a unique historical fiction tale. Readers are transported back to a time where instead of Christmas presents, one played street cricket with a fence paling.

Vashti Farrer has captured a major historical event in Australia and built two endearing realistic characters that readers will be able to relate to.

‘Sydney Harbor Bridge’ is targeted for ages 9 and up but this story will be enjoyed by any age. Released in the month of the 80th Anniversary of the opening of the harbor bridge makes this story all the more special.

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