By Christine Harris

Published by scholastic

Junior fiction 10+

ISBN 978 1 86291 934 1

Reviewed by Kelly McDonald

Wow… The only thing I didn’t like about this book was it ended! I can not wait for the second part, DEAD WRONG.

In MISSING, Raven is searching for her missing father. She thought her family life was normal. She thought she knew her dad. But it seems she was wrong.  Raven and her fabulous group of friends begin their own search for him.

Was he dead? Is he lost? Kidnapped?  Each step of the way, Raven finds out something else about her father, or those that may also be looking for him. Her father’s life is full of secrets. Her mother is on the verge of a breakdown. Her kind ‘uncle’ is creepy, and her little brother thinks their dad is dead. Is he? Raven is determined to find out what happened, even if it puts her in dangers way too.

This book is fast paced, simple to read, and has you sitting on the edge of your chair waiting to see what will happen next. The characters are amazing, and you almost feel like one of Ravens friends, sitting there, inside the pages, along for the ride……

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