The Ghost of Ping-Ling. Tales of the Blue Jade

Author; Peter Cooper

Publisher; Omnibus books for scholastic

ISBN; 9781862919181

RRP; $17.99

Release date; Feb 2012

Genre; junior Fiction

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin

Dillen, a Norian in a Castern land makes two unlikely friends who join him on his quest. Desperate to clear his name of the Temple fire this Wabi must travel the Empire of Shen to find and assist the Mana-lord Hollegat to find the powerful blue jade.

Dillen, Tajni and Koto must face adventure squarely, out run the disfigured Puk-do and find the Mana Lord before his enemies catch up.

Cooper takes young readers on a quest that will keep the pages turning. A story of adventure, friendship and bravery. Older primary school children will be craving more from this fantasy quest. With believable characters interesting enemies and wondrous creatures, this is a novel one can’t put down.

Tales of the ‘Blue Jade’ is the first book in the trilogy of the ‘Ghost of Ping-Ling.’ I believe this trilogy will gain a following of young readers, begging the author for more adventures from Dillen., Tajini and Koto and on an escape into an Eastern fantasy world!

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