The Dragon’s Tooth

Author; N.D. Wilson

Publisher; Random House Australia.

RRP’ $16.95

ISBN; 9781742755069

Genre; general fiction YA

Reviewed By Cassandra Griffin.

Meet the Smith children, Daniel, Antigone and Cyrus. Since their father drowned and their mother is in a coma, they have been running the Archer Motel where in Cyrus’s opinion, is a dump and nothing ever happens.

That was until the old man arrived with his skeleton tattooed on his skin and demanding to book into Room 111 which happens to be Cyrus’s room

Overnight the Smith’s world is turned upside down, the old man is dead, the motel burns down and Daniel is missing! All Cyrus has is a set of strange keys, a cold tooth like object and his sister Antigone. It is now up to them to get to Ashtown where their lives will change forever, while searching for their brother Daniel.

‘The Dragon’s Tooth’ is an exciting read from the first page until the last, packed full of magic, adventure and the unbelievable. Wilson has created a fantasy world readers won’t want to leave.

Larger than life characters captivate the audience, making them chuckle, gasp and hold their breath. Whereas the genre states junior fiction, I believe an older age group will get the most intrigue and enjoyment out of this novel.

‘The Dragon’s Tooth’ is Book 1 in the ‘Ashtown Burials’ and has built an exceptional pathway to a whole series of the adventures of Antigone and Cyrus Smith.

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